ELA  XXXIV Annual Meeting


Hello, Dear ELA friends,

We are pleased to invite you to the XXXIV Annual Meeting  of  the   European Lawyers’ Association  this year  in MARSEILLES   from 10th to 13th of May 2018.



“MARSEILLE  The Place To Go”


A short story of Marseille

 Although Marseille has very ancient roots in Prehistory, with the Cosquer cave paintings (27 000 BC) discovered in 1991 in the Calanques and with the Neolithic period (6 000 years BC), near the train station St Charles, where your train or bus will arrive, the city of Massalia is the oldest French city, which was settled six hundred years BC.

Legend refers to a love story between Gyptis, the daughter of the king Nan and Protis, the son of the Greek visitor from Phocee, trying to find a place to settle after escaping from the Persian conquerors.

Nan gave a land to the Greeks and the city of Massalia was born.

What a nice conquest!



During the Roman conquest, Marseille chose Pompey against Caesar but unfortunately for her, Caesar won.

First traces of Christianity are with the martyrdom of Saint Victor in 303.

Saint Jean Cassien wrote numerous treaties on the spiritual life in the  end of the IV° century. A small Chapel was built where there is now the  Saint Victor Abbey (XI° Century), just South the Old Port.


The city has been developing for centuries in the Mediterranean Sea,  thanks to the exchanges where many sister cities look like her. But Marseilles remained a port-city and never became a State city like Venise or Genova.


Always reluctant to the centralism of the Kings, Louis XIV finally installed the cannons directed towards the city and not to the sea, as if the danger for the crown was there coming from inside the kingdom.

The Revolution of 1789 gave birth to the national anthem “La Marseillaise” although it was created by the Rhine army.

The sea was her main horizon and main wealth and still is.

Famous writers dreamed of her.  It is time for you to come.



TRAVELLING to Marseille

Marseille Provence Airport is 25 km from the centre city by taxi 30’ and by bus 35’

Taxi price is around 40 euros, Bus price is 9 euros single.

The bus brings you to the Train station Saint Charles where you can take the tube (only two stops at 1.70 euro) and you get out at Vieux Port stop  where your hotels are.

You can also take the bus from the airport to the train station Saint Charles with a special return ticket fare of 14.70 euros (bus ticket from the airport plus underground from the train station to Marseille Vieux-Port and back to the airport). You will be there at a walking distance of the hotels (5 mn).

You can also choose to walk from the train station (Saint Charles) to the three hotels (20 mn).




We selected three types of hotels.

The three of them are in the centre, at a walking distance of each other and near the Law Society  (Maison de l’Avocat) where the conferences will take place on Friday and Saturday.

For more information check the accomodation page




We have put together an attractive programme, presented in details in the programme page


We look forward to seeing you in Marseille



The ELA Marseille 2018 Organizing Committee